Bread...Ahh...warm and tasty, right out of the oven...lots of butter on it...uh huh... WAIT!...not so fast. Is it good for you?...Sorry;  It is NOT!

About bread...

One of the reasons the Roman army was considered unstoppable was their opiod-like diet of wheat bread. Although the wheat of their day was radically different, because of genetic manipulation and hybridization, modern wheat crops are just as addictive but practically devoid of nutrition. Still, it must be assumed that many of the anti-nutrients that God designed into the plant still exist . They were designed to protect the plant from predators such as birds, humans and other animals. These substances are toxic to some degree to humans, not so much to birds.  It seems the plan was for birds to eat the hard, indigestible seeds and through excrement replant and repropagate the plants. According to Sayer Ji (National Health Federation), wheat contains aspartic and glutamic acids which are excitotoxins and the basis for MSG. In addition, gluten exorphins and gliadorphins are the addictive components. Dr. Loren Cordain, from the research group that developed the Paleo Diet, says these compounds also increase intestinal permeability, so they are adept at entering the bloodstream. In addition, the wheat germ in gluten impairs Vitamin D metabolism. 

Dr. Umberto Volta, Director of Coeliac Disease Simple Unit, St.Orsola-Malpighi Hospital, University of Bologna, Italy, says his experience with non-celiac gluten sensitive patients is a common complaint of "brain fog", highlighting the effect gluten has on the brain, treatable with a gluten free diet and it is recommended to go sugar free, as well.  Today, like the Roman Army, we love bread. It's addictive properties effect our brain, that tells us how pleasant tasting it is.

We have seen dog food companies reduce and even eliminate the grain content of their products because of health concerns for pets. WHY are these same concerns not being addressed for humans? 

So many health issues are linked to gluten sensitivity, this should be the first thing you consider when deciding what to do about a particular problem. A good example is ADD and ADHD. So many parents don't know what to do when their child's teacher tells them ADD may be their child's problem and they need to take him or her to a doctor, who will very likely prescribe a drug like Ritalin. A simple, natural alternative may be dietary. Though it is not an easy solution, it is safe, to remove all gluten and sugar from your child's diet. The reaction will likely be observed very quickly. Help is available here   

The 5 most unhealthy fast food restaurants in the U. S.

National chain restaurants are not known for their health appeal, but you probably assume that when you order a burger, a salad or a slice of pizza, you’re getting just that – meat and cheese on a bun, lettuce with some dressing, and mozzarella cheese with toppings on pizza dough. This would be a lofty assumption, however, if you eat at many U.S. chain restaurants. Even the seemingly healthy items at some restaurants have ingredient lists that read like science experiments. You’ll be amazed at how many chemicals can be packed into a seemingly simple food like pizza cheese or a hamburger bun. And unless a vegetable is grown organically, you can bet that it contains toxic pesticides. And did I mention that virtually every menu item at fast-food restaurants contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients like Monsanto’s Roundup Ready soy and Bt corn? Even if you order a 100-percent beef burger, you’ll be getting meat that comes from cows raised in factory farms, where they’re fed grains (instead of the grass they’re designed to eat). Many of these cows suffer from severe digestive issues and other health problems as a result, and are pumped full of antibiotics and other chemicals, like growth hormones, to make them gain weight faster. In short, virtually every ingredient at these restaurants is the product of industrial farming, which values profits over human health, animal welfare and the environment. Eggs come from massive poultry farms where each hen spends years in a battery cage that measures smaller at the base than a standard sheet of paper (with not even enough space to outstretch its wings). Dairy products, including milk and cheese, come from dairy cows also raised in intensive confinement and given synthetic growth hormones, which often lead to a painful udder infection known as mastitis (and more drugs to treat it) … but I digress. The point to remember is that when you buy food from restaurants that support this broken and inhumane industrial agricultural system, you are, indirectly, supporting it. To break free of this system, and also protect your health, choose organic foods as much as possible, as well as those raised on small farms that respect the laws of nature. You’ll want to look for organic, grass-fed beef, free-range soy-free organic eggs, grass-fed hormone-free dairy and organic produce. If you try, you’ll probably be able to find sources for some of these foods closer to your home than you might think by working with a farmer, farmer’s market or food co-op directly. Toward that end, below I’ve compiled a list of some of the worst chain restaurants for your health. Eat at these at your own peril, and be aware that even simple foods are not what they appear … 5 Unhealthiest Chain Restaurants 

CiCi’s   Pizza A slice of pizza is a reasonable food for a treat, especially if you make your own at home. But at CiCi’s pizza most of the ‘flavor’ is coming from monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is added to at least 10 menu items (including their zesty pizza sauce, ranch dressing, and sausage and beef toppings). (MSG has all kinds of ill health effects… including being one of the top foods that cause anxiety and anger.) Even the cheese in CiCi’s Pizza is shocking, with added ingredients like partially hydrogenated soybean oil (i.e. synthetic trans fats), modified food starch, sodium aluminum phosphate and artificial color (in mozzarella cheese?).

TCBY   There are worse foods you can eat than frozen yogurt, but I included TCBY (“The Country’s Best Yogurt”) on this list because they give off an air of healthiness that is just plain misleading. Yes, their yogurt contains live active probiotic cultures that are theoretically good for your gut. But if it’s gut health you’re after, you’ll want to avoid the many other not-so-good additives on TCBY’s menu, like corn syrup, cream “flavor” and artificial flavors, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners (in their sugar-free varieties). Perhaps worst of all, most also contain propylene glycol, a solvent used in the paint and plastics industries. By the way, this isn’t unique to TCBY … many of the ‘healthy’ frozen yogurt shops use some questionable ingredients. 

Taco Bell    Again, leave it to a fast-food chain to turn an incredibly simple meal like a bean burrito into something with ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Preservatives like TBHQ, dough conditioners, and numerous ‘hidden’ forms of MSG are par for the course in Taco Bell burritos. Actually, they’re par for the course for virtually all menu items. The beef at Taco Bell contains 12 percent “other” ingredients like modified corn starch (a cheap texturizing agent), caramel coloring IV (which is far worse than it sounds, as it’s been linked to cancer), and torula yeast (i.e. hidden MSG). The meat itself comes from factory farms, which are known for animal abuse and poor-quality food, plus are among the worst polluters in the country. If you’re looking for a healthier chain restaurant for Mexican food, try Chipotle. 

KFC   Fried chicken is well known as a diet offender, but if you must eat it, make it at home, as KFC’s fried chicken makes homemade varieties seem like health food. In an ingredient list for KFC chicken, MSG is listed four times as part of the marinade, secret seasoning, pre-dusting and batter. Even their mashed potatoes are loaded with partially hydrogenated oil, artificial color and flavor, preservatives, corn syrup solids, and an anti-foaming agent. And don’t let the grilled chicken fool you; it, too, is made with MSG as well as partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats), and there are reports that it isn’t even grilled at all, just baked in an oven on a grill rack to simulate the lines. As The Health Wyze Report put it: “We would not be surprised if KFC eventually just drew these grill lines upon their “grilled” chicken with a permanent marker, in order to cut costs. The petroleum-based ink would be less toxic than their current ingredients lists.”

McDonald’s   McDonald’s recently earned the title of the lowest ranked for customer service satisfaction, but that’s only one reason to reconsider eating there. As the epitome of fast food, and everything that it entails, McDonald’s embodies the term fake food. Despite recent attempts to clean up their image, their ingredients remain a shameful conglomeration of corn syrup, artificial flavors, preservatives, propylene glycol, partially hydrogenated oil, dough conditioners and more. And although the beef patty in their Quarter Pounder is reportedly made from 100% beef, you can be sure it’s beef from a factory farm (and all the hormones and antibiotics that come with it).  Article from Dr. Jesse Cannone  (Healthy Back Institute)

The FDA admits it can't do it's job!  Click here to read...

   A lot of the food we normally buy at supermarkets is not fit to eat, and it is awful to have to say that!  A large portion of the produce, canned goods and cooking oils used in bread, crackers, chips, and salad dressings we normally buy, is now genetically modified.  I know, producers will say it is harmless.  The evidence says otherwise (anecdotal and otherwise).  Just take a look at how it is done and the process involved.  Do that to start with, then notice the rise in chronic illnesses in this country, allergies and strange ailments like ADD and autism.  Then notice the monopoly Monsanto has on seed crops, the fact that fruit will not reproduce from it's seed as it has since God created it.  What is your conclusion?  There is something wrong,,,RIGHT? 

    Some people believe that the reason Monsanto, Bayer and others in the field, have been involved in genetic modification, is to improve crop production and resistance to insects, disease, dry weather and so on. It may have started that way but now it is to destroy every competitor in agriculture and it will soon destroy us. What they are doing is not cross pollinating, or hybridizing, it is manipulating plant DNA by adding DNA from insects, bacteria and other organisms. In addition, a deadly soup of chemical pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on the seed that is sold to the farmer. Does anyone know what that will do to the animals and humans that consume it?  We don't and they don't either. The resulting seed will not reproduce. It is more expensive because it requires more fertilizer and new seed has to be purchased from Monsanto every year. As you probably know, Monsanto has been implicated in numerous lawsuits because of their Roundup product. They are avoiding some of the responsibility by selling out to Bayer, but consumers are paying the price, anyway.

Store bought produce contains a much smaller percentage of nutrients now than it did in 1950. The reasons are:

1. No crop rotation

2. God required the Jews to fallow their ground once every 7 years. Why do you suppose that was? 

3. Farmers add only potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus with chemical fertilizers.

Donald Davis, former researcher with the Biochemical Institute at the University of Texas-Austin, analyzed the nutritional content of 43 fruits and vegetables from 1950 to just before the turn of the century and found that broccoli, for example, contained 130 mg of calcium in 1950 but only 48 mg 50 years later. Here are some other statistics comparing recent food with that from 1950:

  • Potatoes have lost all of their vitamin A content, 57 percent of their vitamin C and iron, and 28 percent of their calcium.
  • Spinach has lost 45 percent of its vitamin C content and 17 percent of its vitamin A content.
  • In order to protect their crops from insects, many food growers have used pesticides and herbicides on their apples, celery, strawberries, peaches and many other crops. They’ve apparently believed that merely washing off those food items after harvesting them will keep them fit for human consumption. But it’s been discovered that those harmful chemicals can be absorbed by fruits and vegetables.
  • In addition to NPK fertilizer minerals, our bodies need at a minimum; calcium, iron, chromium, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc plus folate, vitamins A-E, vitamin K, sodium chloride from unprocessed sea salt (not table salt) and trace minerals too numerous to count. Most of this is lost because of the farming practices mentioned above.

  • So today it is essential that we raise our own food or buy it from a trusted farmer, who does not use these unhealthy practices, if we are to remain healthy.

    Another reason some supermarket food is not fit to eat is due to preservatives. Here is a food preservative guide that you might find useful.

See the "Processing" link above.


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