If you have cancer, you should know that if you totally exchanged your blood with a healthy young person, you would be cured almost immediately! 

How is that possible, you say?  The cells of your body normally produce new cells and dispose of waste cells constantly. This is an ongoing process. Blood carries nutrition, and hydration and disposes of waste cells. The "life is in the blood" as the Bible says. (Leviticus 17:14) Where do the blood cells come from? They come from your blood chemistry. Blood chemistry consists of everything you eat, drink and absorb. Cancer stem cells come from cancer causing chemicals, processed foods, synthetic processed food preservatives, flavoring, etc... Contrary to the statement in the heading; if you get a transfusion from a person with cancer, you will get cancer.  Most people eat toxic food.  It is possible to eat an anti-cancer diet and make serious environmental and lifestyle changes that almost disease proof your body.  See the opt out of cancer series for more information.

You should know that this information is blocked by some search engines. I leave it to you to answer the question "Why?"   Roger Cole 

duckduckgo.com is one search engine that does not block potentially life saving information. 


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