Children are suffering from numerous health problems that parents need to learn about!

Nearly every one of them are related to diet. Doctors can no longer be trusted to provide accurate health related information. That is a terrible thing to say, but when they treat cancer with chemotherapy and radiation, they are using the most cruel and barbaric treatment known to mankind. There are numerous and effective natural treatments for cancer that doctors refuse to use because they are wedded to drug companies and addicting people to drug protocols that maintain their cash flow.

The inaccurate information about drugs and nutrition that is dispensed by the medical community is criminal. Take a look at the alarming increase in ADD and ADHD cases, for example. Like the attempt to claim heavy metal adjuvants in vaccines have nothing to do with autism, the same is being claimed with regard to the crap that is the American diet. They say it has nothing to do with the rise in diabetes, asthma, allergies, and numerous other chronic ailments in children.

Most of the packaged foods you buy at the grocery store are loaded with Genetically Modified Organisms, flavor enhancers, (excitotoxins) preservatives, artificial coloring and numerous other chemicals that are not food. They are heavily processed and loaded with sugars. They are making all of us sick, but you parents should be aware of your responsibility to provide healthy food for the development of your children.    Have you ever heard of a "sugar high"?  In spite of some studies claiming no direct link between sugar consumption and ADD or ADHD, everyone knows that sugar causes blood sugar spikes resulting in what we call the "sugar high". Sugar is at least as addictive as caffeine. Refined sugar, along with artificial sugars and flavors found in cakes, cookies, pies, cereals, soft drinks, crackers, chips and juices (simple carbs) have been replacing the healthy (complex carbs) foods that maintain the immune system. It definitely effects their mental acuity, attention span and mood.

Toxins in the body

In the early 1900's, diseases like cancer and diabetes were relatively rare. Today they are major killers and comprise many years of suffering for those who are treated by the health care system of today. WHY!  The answer is found in the toxic overload found in chemical exposure from nearly every segment of modern society. We are told that most babies born today have over 200 toxins already in their bodies, many of these are both neurotoxic and carcinogenic.  Our bodies are fighting machines, capable of neutralizing foreign invaders, but our immune systems are overloaded. The invasion of food-born and environmental toxins, along with the medical establishment's drug treatments, which are also toxic, are killing us.  Contrary to what you have been told, people are NOT living longer today and the quality of life for seniors has greatly deteriorated.  Statistics have been manipulated to convince people that modern medicine has been a boon to longevity. Who would do such a thing?  Drug companies have engaged in misleading and dangerous propaganda for decades.  Just listen carefully to drug commercials. Don't be fooled by the frolicking happy people and the catchy music in these ads. So, in spite of the fact that life expectancy is declining in the U.S., the claim is still being made that medical advances are adding years to our lifespan.

Many people credit our modern longevity to medical advancements.  Other technologies have been a greater contributor to human longevity than medical.  Modern medicine has helped to lengthen the lives of some people, but has also prematurely cut short many lives, considering that adverse drug reactions are the leading killer of humans in the U.S. and medical errors is the third leading cause of premature death (for more details on this please read my posts under the category “Medical Mayhem” – especially “The Dangers In Modern Medicine“,  “How Common Are Medical Errors” and “The Dangers Of Colonoscopies“.). 

Allergies are markers of health problems, like rashes, digestive problems, lack of energy and drive, etc.  Just like when a red light shows up on the dash of a car, we don't ignore it, neither should we ignore what our bodies are telling us. You might say "everybody has allergies".  Yeah, so what does that tell can just ignore it?...or you need to do something! 


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