"Processing" destroys food at some level!

 "Heat is one of the most common methods used to alter food and make it more marketable. A good example is "pasteurization" of milk. Of course, we know that milk has long been touted as healthy and wholesome. 

   Some people would argue with that assumption just on the surface of the issue, stating that milk is for calves and other baby critters receiving  nourishment from their mothers. ONCE THEY MATURE, it should be tapered off in favor of solid food and water. 

   However, the point here is concerning the damage, even minimal processing, causes to food. The outgrowth of processing is the lengths to which processors will go to profit from their products. A great deal depends upon marketing...that is convincing the consuming public that a product is nutritious and healthy, usually without actually saying it. The underlying concern for the processor is making a profit, without killing the consumer. They don't consider the long term effect on the health of the consumer. One could argue that they don't even care about that. Their only concern is, can we make it palatable enough and appealing enough, in some way, to make money on it. There is certainly nothing wrong with making money, and we should be smart enough to figure out that for a corporation in business, that point is at the top of the heap. Unfortunately, consumers are too trusting and advertising is too successful at painting a pretty picture, for the real story to be told. 

   Add to processing the modern farm production methods of today's large corporate farms and you begin to get a disturbing picture of deterioration of our food supply. I don't bring this up just to be alarming, but to warn everyone to move away from these dangerous products to safer organic produce and verifiable safe farm practices you can discover at local farmer's markets. Raising an organic garden is also an alternative. Sprouting is another way to get healthy, home raised salad fixings that even apartment dwellers can practice. Not scared yet? Read the article

What is the difference between cocoa and cacao?  Read the article.


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